Secret Recipe for Miso

Exquisite taste with a sense of Japanese familiarity and nostalgia, are but a few trademarks of our secret recipe for Red Miso used for the Sapporo Ramen. “Dosanko” uses Red Miso fermented in Sapporo, Hokkaido with various spices such as Japanese red chili “Akami” and a type of Japanese pepper “Sansho” to create this recipe of Miso to enhance the authentic flavor. This secret Miso recipe, specially created for Ramen, has been handed down for over 50 years, making the exquisite taste of our Miso ramen possible.

Dosanko Ramen10

Iwata Jozo Company’s Old Misogura – traditional Miso fermenting facility in Hokkaido, Japan

Learning about Miso

There are various kinds of Miso produced in Japan. Miso production was introduced into Japan about 1400 years ago. Since then, various production methods have been developed and the Japanese style was finally established by using malted rice; a method that has spread across the country. Currently, many area-specific Miso recipes have been developed according to each area’s conditions such as climate material supply and dietary patterns. Miso is made from ingredients such as soybeans, salt, malted rice or malted barley.

These ingredients each provide their characteristic flavor to Miso. The rich protein contained in soybeans is essential to add Umami taste (the fifth category of taste) to Miso. The fats present in Miso give it complexity and richness.

Miso is known to be a healthy dietary supplement and it is considered to:

  1. Assist in the maintenance of normal cholesterol
  2. Help prevent cancer
  3. Be effective againts aging
  4. Help prevent gastric ulcers for those who drink a bowl of miso daily and
  5. Help prevent food poisoning

Scientific research demonstrate the effectiveness of Miso for human health. Thus, miso ramen is an ideal food for promoting a healthy diet.